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GEMA Awards Grant For Safety Message Board and Weather Warning System

Today Chairman Rob Jones, EMA Director John Nicholson, and Finance Director Faye Harvey accepted a check from GEMA Area Field Coordinator Tim Reeves for $19,813. The check was for a state grant awarded to Pickens County Government.

The grant will be used to purchase a portable LED Safety Message Board. The board will be used to notify citizens of important events, safety updates, and traffic conditions as needed.

Additionally, the grant will be used to purchase The Thor Guard Weather Warning System. This system detects lightning before it strikes in an area, and alerts individuals with a siren sound and strobe light pulses. The system will be placed at Roper Park to monitor weather conditions during outdoor recreational activities.

These two resources will be great assets to Pickens County in the future!


A public hearing on the proposed FY 2018 Pickens County Government budget will be held Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. at 1266 East Church Street.  The FY 2018 proposed budgets are shown below and click for Budget Worksheet.

Detailed budgets are available for review in the Finance Director’s office between 8 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday. The FY 2018 budget will be adopted at a Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday, December 21, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.

National Human Trafficking Hotline

The next stakeholders meeting will be held on Tuesday February 6 at 6:30 PM in the Pickens room (basement) of the Pickens County Administration Building, 1266 E. Church St, Jasper. All are welcome.

Comments from participants expressed during the December 12 meeting included:

  • Water & Sewer
    • Multiple participants recommended exploring the idea/initiative of evaluating the pros and cons of consolidating the water & sewer system into a combined authority
    • Challenge mentioned about the water & sewer system was that the City of Jasper gets significant revenue from its water & sewer system – how would the loss in revenue be made up?
    • There may be current redundancies in water & sewer system equipment, administration items including personnel
    • May be positive and appropriate to extend city sewer into designated areas to attract commercial and industrial
    • Small wastewater treatment plants at various nodes / crossroads may be appropriate
    • May be appropriate to consider best practices of the Metro Atlanta Water Planning District (effective in Cherokee but not Pickens)
    • With the City of Jasper and Pickens County water systems, employees generally work well together in coordination – why make a change? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it
    • Challenge that Pickens County residents on the City of Jasper water system pay higher rates for their monthly water bills than City residents – perception of fairness issue
    • Whether for water & sewer or general development, use the existing infrastructure, maintain it well, and grow where existing roads and water lines are located
    • Would be good to improve old and deteriorating water & sewer infrastructure before considering significant expansion of lines
  • Fire
    • Consider consolidation of the City of Jasper and Pickens County fire departments
    • Consolidate to reduce duplication of services including equipment and administration including personnel
    • Consolidate to have consistent training, response time, fire hydrants (spacing, etc.), ISO rating
  • Traffic
    • Need loop road or bypass
    • Need better planning for road maintenance and future possible roads
    • Need better relationship with GDOT
    • Comment that local government representatives do have positive communication with GDOT reps and are working to strengthen ties
  • Affordable Housing
    • Need more townhomes, condos, duplexes, quadplexes, small lot (1/3 acre and less) homes
    • Develop where there is existing infrastructure to handle density
    • Need quality in Jasper and not take anything you can get
  • Parks & Recreation
    • Need more trails, sidewalk, gold cart paths, parks (passive and active)
    • County swimming pool is inadequate – needs to be either improved to stay open longer or a new one built if possible
    • Need a public lake


Results of “Buck Stops Here” exercise – If YOU were in charge what would be your top priorities?

  • 675 sticker dollars – Promote industrial and manufacturing economic growth – to provide more higher paying career opportunities
  • 500 sticker dollars – Promote future commercial economic growth
  • 475 sticker dollars – Protect natural assets such as mountain areas, streams, and forested areas
  • 275 sticker dollars – Increase number of active and passive recreation locations – ballfields and parks/trails
  • 250 sticker dollars – Expand sewer system
  • 250 sticker dollars – Improve transportation management, including new roads to reduce congestion and increase public safety
  • 200 sticker dollars – Create opportunity for multi-family residential – only near population centers
  • 150 sticker dollars – Single water system
  • 150 sticker dollars – Consolidation of fire departments
  • 150 sticker dollars – Retain local youth rather than lose them after high school graduation
  • 125 sticker dollars – Support efforts to increase high speed internet or broadband
  • 100 sticker dollars – Hire a city manager for Jasper
  • 100 sticker dollars – Invest in the downtowns
  • 75 sticker dollars – Encourage local business over franchise corporate entities for retail and restaurants
  • 50 sticker dollars – Planning for ongoing maintenance of existing lines and upgrades to older lines – including consideration of funding mechanisms for upgrades
  • 50 sticker dollars – Preserve historic assets including buildings, neighborhoods, monuments, and landmarks
  • 25 sticker dollars – Preserve small town atmosphere

If you would like to read portions of the current comprehensive plan, adopted in 2008 and revised in 2013, please go to https://pickenscountyga.gov/about/

The draft plan must be ready by March 2018. The draft will then need to be recommended for approval by NWGRC and the State Department of Community Affairs. The final plan needs to be approved by all local jurisdictions on or before June 30, 2018.

As of May 18th, 2017, Pickens County Water Board Authority and the Board of Commissioners approved to raise the minimum per 1000 gallons by $1.00.  The rate table below indicates the rate changes.  These new water rates will reflect on the water bills due on July 15th, 2017.


¾ inch meter… $36.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons

1 inch meter…   $51.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons

2 inch meter…   $66.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons

3 inch meter…   $76.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons

4 inch meter…   $81.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons

6 inch meter…   $111.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons

…$5.00 per thousand above 1,000 up to 3,000 gallons
…$6.00 per thousand above 3,000 up to 5,000 gallons
…$7.00 per thousand above 5,000 gallons

FH meter….       $36.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons

       …$4.25 per thousand above 1,000 gallons

This rate increase has been approved by the Pickens County Water Board Authority and Board of Commissioners to subsidize the cost of needed infrastructure and equipment upgrades.



Notification from Pickens County Water and Sewer Authority

Pickens County at Non-Drought Response Level on September 7, 2017

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) is easing outdoor water use restrictions in 55 counties including Pickens County, but reminds Georgians that state law requires some statewide outdoor watering limits year-round.  Georgians must still follow the non-drought outdoor water use schedule required in the Water Stewardship Act of 2010. This law allows all types of outdoor water use, but landscape watering only before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. daily. This is done to limit evaporation during the warmest part of the day.

More water conservation information is available at http://epd.georgia.gov/water-conservation