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Access Encroachment Permit

Access/Encroachment Permit

An Access/Encroachment Permit is required for any project that accesses a county road or revises an existing access. The application for a permit must be made at least 72 hours before any activity is conducted on the public road. No Building Permit will be released until the Access/Encroachment is approved. The permit is obtained from:

Pickens County Planning and Development Office
Suite #136
1266 East Church Street
Jasper, Georgia 30143

Phone: 706-253-8850

The application for the Access/Encroachment Permit will require the following:

  • A plat of the lot for the proposed structure that includes:
    • The street name, right-of-way, surface type of the road from which access is desired.
    • The desired point of access in relation to property lines, and any access points within five hundred [500] feet in both directions of the desired access point on both sides of the road.
    • The drainage system of the road from which access is desired within five hundred [500] feet in either direction of the point of access and how the proposed access will drain into the road drainage system.
    • The distance of sight in each direction from the point of access for a distance of five hundred [500] feet.
    • The design of the access point to include the width, alignment, and surface type.
  • A completed and signed Access/Encroachment Permit Application or Access Encroachment Modification Permit Application.
  • $50.00 residential fee  or $100.00 commercial fee (cash or check) payable to Pickens County.

The Access/Encroachment Permit is good for six [6] months. If the Access has not been completed in that time frame, you must reapply.

Once the application is completed:

  • Stake out the proposed driveway.
  • Call our office to setup the initial inspection.
  • After the Right of Way Specialist has checked the site, install the driveway according to his instructions.
  • Call our office for the final inspection after the driveway is installed.
  • The Building Permit will not be released until the Access/Encroachment has been approved.