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Inspection Process – Mobile/Manufactured Homes

  • Pickens County Ordinances – Chapter 16 for the Ordinance covering enforcement
  • Pickens County Ordinances – Chapter 16 for the Ordinance covering inspections
  • Pickens County Ordinances – Chapter 38 for the Ordinance covering installation
  • Step 1: Site Preparation Inspection

    This Inspection must be performed before the mobile/manufactured home can be located onto the property.

    A properly prepared site is absolutely necessary before beginning the installation of the mobile/manufactured home’s foundation and anchoring system.

    The area beneath the mobile/manufactured home must be well drained to ensure the long term structural integrity of the home. The site should be crowned and graded to slope 2% in 10′ to prevent moisture from accumulating under the home. If unable to provide proper slope an approved drainage system is permitted. All debri, grass, stumps, etc. must be removed.

    If the site is on filled soil, it must be compacted at least 90% of its maximum relative density or footings must be installed to undisturbed soil. Deck supports must be on proper footing as in conventional homes.

    The soil may be tested using a pocket penetrometer or other accepted testing procedures.

    Step 2: Rough Inspection

    This Inspection focuses on the mobile home installation, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC.

    The home should be installed on site, properly piered, and tie-downs installed per Manufactured Installation Instruction Manual.

    All plumbing, electrical, heating, and air should be completed and installed per Manufactured Installation Instruction Manual.

    Marriage line must be properly sealed and moisture barrier installed.

    Skirting should not be installed until rough inspection has been passed.

    Installation by Owner: Owner Installations are inspected by the same standards as Professional Installations. The owner must sign a waiver of installation by a Licensed Installer. You may pick up a Mobile Home Installation Waiverform at our office.

    Step 3: Final Inspection

    The final inspection will be done when home installation is complete including all building service equipment, decks, porches, steps, etc. Skirting and permanent enclosures shall be installed of material suitable for exterior exposure and contact with the ground. Permanent perimeter enclosures shall be constructed of materials as required by this code for regular foundation construction.

    Skirting shall be installed in accordance with the skirting manufacturer’s installation instructions. Skirting shall be adequately secured to assure stability, to minimize vibration, and susceptability to wind damage, and to compensate for possible frost heave.

    Where retaining walls are used as a permanent enclosure, they shall resist the lateral displacements of soil or other materials and shall conform to this code as specified for foundation walls. Retaining walls and foundation walls shall be constructed of approved treated wood, concrete, masonry, or other approved materials or combination of materials as for foundations as specified in this code. Siding materials shall extend below the top of the exterior of the retaining or foundation wall or the joint between siding and enclosure wall shall be flashed in accordance with this code.

    Utility service shall not be provided to any building service equipment which is regulated by these provisions or other applicable codes and for which a manufactured home installation permit is required by these provisions until approved by the building official.

    Requirements for issuing a Certificate of Occupancy:

    • The final inspection has been approved.
    • All necessary paperwork is on file in the Planning Office.
    • All fees due to Pickens County must be paid (see below.)

    Permanent Power will be turned on after the Certificate of Occupancy has been issued and all fees have been paid.

    see Building Permit Fees for the fee schedule for building permits and inspections
    see Certificate of Occupancy Fees for the fee schedule for Certificate of Occupancy