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Official Land Use Intensity Map
Official Land Use Intensity Map

Planning & Development

richard-osborneThe Planning & Development department coordinates planning, zoning, and construction activities. We look forward to helping you achieve your goal – whether adding onto your house; obtaining/renewing your OTC business license; rezoning property; subdividing land; constructing a new building; or another project.

Richard Osborne, AICP
Planning & Development Director



Business License
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  • Advantage Pickens: for info on some of the advantages of developing in Pickens, click here.
  • Alcohol licenses: As a prerequisite to the issuance of a new alcohol license (including new license holder), the applicant shall furnish a complete set of fingerprints to be forwarded to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which shall search the files of the Georgia Crime Information Center for any instance of criminal activity during the two years immediately preceding the date of the application. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation shall also submit the fingerprints to the Federal Bureau of Investigation under the rules established by the United States Department of Justice for processing and identification of records. The federal or state record, if any, shall be obtained and returned to the governing authority submitting the fingerprints. No license shall be issued to a person or entity owned or managed by a person who has been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude or a violation of any federal, state, or local statute or ordinance involving alcoholic beverages within the two years immediately preceding the filing of an application. Any license holder arrested for said crime(s) shall be required to report the same to the licensing board.
  • Building Permit: required for new structures 200 sqft or greater in size as well as additions; finish-out; and/or significant renovations. Maintenance and repair (improvements to roofing, siding, windows, etc.) does not require a permit. For owner-occupied residential, homeowner can get a permit in his/her name. For other permitting (spec house, commercial, industrial, etc.) a State-licensed contractor must obtain the permit. For multi-family and nonresidential projects, submit 5 copies of building plans for review.
  • Building Permit renewal: building permits are valid for one year per County Code section 67-15.2. Permits may be renewed within the one year period for $100. After one year, the full permit fee will be charged to renew.
  • Codes (County): Pickens County Code of Ordinances may be found at www.municode.com
  • Codes (State): State Minimum Codes effective January 1, 2017 may be found here
  • Comprehensive Plan: County and city leaders and residents are working on a new comprehensive plan. If you would like to be involved, call 706-253-8850. To view the current plan, adopted in 2008 and revised in 2013, click here.
  • Fee Schedule: may be found here.
  • Hotel Motel Tax: please be advised that if you rent guest room(s) in Pickens County – including structures or portions of structures such as hotels, motels, cabins, Air BnBs, and other lodgings – you must register with the County Clerk and pay a monthly tax of six percent (6%) of the rent of every occupancy to Pickens County through the County Clerk’s office as required by Pickens County Code of Ordinances sections 62-101 to 62-113. This requirement has been in effect since January 1, 1998. Please note that this requirement does not include long-term renters (example would be a person renting a single-family house with a 12-month lease). If you have questions, contact County Clerk Lesa Thomason at 706-253-8817.
  • Lot Split / Subdivisions: Newly split/subdivided lots must either have direct access to and from a county-maintained or state road; or have direct access to and from a private road meeting private road standards (Code of Ordinances 38-181 to 38-231).
  • Signs: Freestanding and wall signs need to be permitted before installation. Signs must be on private property – not allowed on road right-of-ways. Max for freestanding signs 20 ft tall and 100 sqft on Hwy 515; 15 ft tall and 50 sqft on other State routes; 10 ft tall and 32 sqft on local roads. Before signs can be permitted on State routes, GDOT approval is needed.
  • Zoning: In Pickens County, zoning districts are known as land use intensity districts. Standards may be found in Chapter 67 of the Code of Ordinances, and the zoning of properties may be found at pickens.tscmaps.com.

Official Land Use Intensity Map


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