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Official Land Use Intensity Map

Pickens County Fire Marshal

 Pickens County Fire Marshal’s OfficePickens County Fire & Rescue
1266 E. Church Street ~ Jasper, GA  30143

Chief Curtis Clark

Investigations, Inspections, Fire Education,
Training, Pre-Fire planning and Plan Approval


Pickens County Residential Burning Guidelines

All burning operations shall comply with the “Rules for Air Quality Control” chapter 391-3-1 as written and amended by the Environmental Protection Division and these standards.
Homeowners or residents of single-family residential property are authorized to have open fires, provided all of the following requirements are met:

• An “open burning” permit must be obtained from Georgia forestry any burning.
• The fire must be on the property occupied by the person receiving the permit and the natural vegetation must be from that property and may not be hauled in from another property.
• Only natural vegetation can be destroyed by burning. “Natural vegetation” includes sticks, tree parts six inches or less in diameter, grass, pine straw, hedge trimmings, leaves, etc. Burning of poison oak, poison ivy, and any other vegetation which produces severe respiratory damage is not allowed. Burning of cardboard, treated wood, materials containing petroleum products, i.e., tires, plastics, wire insulation, roofing shingles, etc. or other manmade materials is not allowed.
• No vegetation pile shall be larger than 6 (six) feet in diameter by two feet in height.
• There shall be a minimum of 10 (ten) feet between vegetation piles.
• No burning is allowed within 50 feet of a structure.
• No burning is allowed within 25 feet of a wooded area or other lightweight class fuel.
• No fire shall be within 25 feet of a adjacent property.
• All open fires shall be constantly attended by a competent person 16 years of age or older to monitor and control such burning. A rake, shovel, or similar hand tool, and a charged water hose that will reach to the most remote point of the burn material is to be immediately available.
• No more than two burning piles are allowed at any one time.
• Failure to comply with these rules which results in an uncontrolled fire or a valid complaint by a nearby property owner or resident that requires the response of the county fire service will result in the fire being extinguished immediately.
• Fires will be authorized between the hours of 9:00am and one hour before sunset. All fire must be out or extinguished before sunset.

Burn Permit

Georgia Forestry   ~  706-692-4801

Fire Marshal Permits / Fire Works Displays

The submittal process for an Outdoor Fireworks Display in Pickens County is through the Pickens County Probate Court.   A site inspection is required by the Pickens County Fire Marshal’s Office prior to the event or festival fireworks display.   Click here for the following items to be reviewed (PDF).

Fire Marshal Inspections / Business Licenses

Business Licenses are required for all businesses operating with the unincorporated areas of Pickens County. Business License Inspections are required to be performed by inspectors from the Fire Marshal’s Office as well as from the Building Department and Environmental Health Department (if applicable).  Click here for more information (PDF).

Fire Marshal Inspections / Construction

The Pickens County Fire Marshal’s Office conducts construction inspections to ensure compliance with fire and life safety requirements. Click here for the types of inspections performed by fire inspectors (PDF).