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Pickens County Government
1266 E. Church Street
Jasper, Georgia 30143
Phone: 706-253-8809


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Official Land Use Intensity Map
Official Land Use Intensity Map

Water Department

Phillip Dean – Director of Utilities

Pickens County Water Department
1266 East Church Street
Suite 117
Jasper, Georgia 30143
Phone: 706-253-8718
Fax: 706-253-8720
E-mail: mmullinax@pickenscountyga.gov
Hours: 8:00 to 5:00
Pickens County Water & Sewer Authority was established in 1969 by the House Bill 978. Since that time, Pickens County Water and Sewer Authority has been serving the residents of Pickens County with the highest quality of water possible. Everyone is welcome to attend the  monthly meetings.

Meeting Schedule: Third Monday of each month
County Administrative Building, 1226 East Church Street, Jasper, GA..

For Emergency after Hours Please Call:

1. 770-827-3269
2. 678-294-1825
3. 706-502-2168

2016 Pickens County Consumer Confidence Report available (PDF)


Online Bill Pay for Pickens County Water & Sewer



Contact Pickens County Water and Sewer Authority at 706-253-8718 for more information.



Notification from Pickens County Water and Sewer Authority

Pickens County at Non-Drought Response Level on September 7, 2017

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) is easing outdoor water use restrictions in 55 counties including Pickens County, but reminds Georgians that state law requires some statewide outdoor watering limits year-round.  Georgians must still follow the non-drought outdoor water use schedule required in the Water Stewardship Act of 2010. This law allows all types of outdoor water use, but landscape watering only before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. daily. This is done to limit evaporation during the warmest part of the day.

More water conservation information is available at http://epd.georgia.gov/water-conservation

waterLike most of North Georgia, there are no major rivers or lakes in Pickens County to serve as a local water supply. The county jurisdiction has recently been interlaced with an infrastructure of conduit and storage facilities, using both natural wells and water purchased from surrounding areas, to supply participating residents throughout the county.

The quality of our water is monitored carefully. The 2016 Pickens County Consumer Confidence Report can be found here.

Water Conservation

As much as 60% of all household water use in the summer months is used outdoors for landscape purposes. Water conservation is the beneficial reduction in water use, waste and loss.. Water Conservation is proven to be the most economical and environmentally protective means of meeting the challenges of water supply management. For more information on Conserving Georgia’s Water you may check out http://www.watersmart.com or  http://www.gaepd.org or call Georgia Environmental Protection Division at 888-373-5947 or 404-656-4713.


Connecting to the County Water System

Please be advised that it is necessary for you to come by the office before connecting to the water system.


¾ inch meter …… $36.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons .

1 inch meter……  $51.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons

2 inch meter……$66.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons

3 inch meter……$76.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons

4 inch meter……$81.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons

6 inch meter…. $111.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons

                                           $5.00 per thousand above 1,000 up to 3,000 gallons

                                           $6.00 per thousand above 3,000 up to 5,000 gallons

                                           $7.00 per thousand above 5,000 gallons and above

FH meter…. $36.00 Minimum per thousand up to 1,000 gallons
                                           $4.25 per thousand above 1,000 gallons



$100.00…Service Charge – Due when applying for Service and is Non-refundable.

$ 50.00…Reconnection Fee – Due when applying for Service at address that was previously in customer’s name. Non-refundable.

$ 25.00…Late Fee – Applicable when customer payment is not received in our office by 5:00pm on the 15th of each month. (exceptions for holidays and weekends).

$ 25.00…Disconnect Reconnection Fee – Customers paying after the last day of the month will be cut off for non-payment.
Anyone reconnecting their service must pay a $25.00 Reconnection Fee plus any outstanding balance and late fee.
Payments must be received in our office by 5:00pm.”

$ 50.00…After Hours Reconnection Fee – Any Customer choosing to reconnect after 5:00pm; must pay a $50.00 after hours fee, plus outstanding balance, late fee and disconnect reconnection fee

$300.00…Fire Hydrant Meter Fee – Fee is due when applying for Service and is Non-refundable.

METER FEES are as follows:
6″ – $35,000.00
4″ – $20,000.00
3″ – $12,500
2″ – $7,500.00
1″ – $3,500.00
¾” – $1,700.00

Starting after 11-2-2005, any new subdivisions must pay a tap-on fee of $3000 plus applicable meter fees at current rate per lot. Non-Refundable. 


Payment Due Date is the 15th of each month, [NO GRACE PERIOD], if account balance is unpaid by this date a LATE FEE OF $25.00 will be added to your account. Your mailed bill will be the only statement you receive; YOU WILL NOT be mailed a late or cut off notice. If you do not receive your mailed bill, it is your responsibility to contact our office for any amount you may owe. Your account will be considered delinquent if your payment has not reached our office by the 15th; this includes all delivery methods – the use of personal on line bill payments or mailing payments. Customer may be terminated if account balance remains unpaid after the last day of the Month. The cut off list will go out on the 1st of each month and all customers who have not paid their bill may be disconnected.

A Reconnection Fee of $25.00 will be due, plus the past due bill. Customers paying monthly bill and reconnection fee during regular business hours between 8:00am to 5:00pm service will be restored the same day. Any customer that wish to have service restored after 5:00pm, will be required to pay an After-Hours Reconnection Fee of $50.00, in addition to the past due bill and a $25.00 reconnect fee. Please bring bill when making payment and include your account number on your check or money order. (All checks must be written in blue or black ink. Checks written in any other color, or is incomplete in any way may be returned to the customer. All applicable fees will apply if payment is not received by the 15th or the last day of the month).

For your convenience a Drop Box is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week located at our office.

Notice: All requests to establish water service must complete a water service application and provide a valid driver’s license or photo ID. Customers purchasing property or renting property must provide proof of ownership (property deed or a rental lease agreement). All requests to terminate water service must complete a service termination form (only the account holder may terminate water service).

Please note: All Customers will be charged a return check fee of $30.00 per returned check. When Pickens Water receives two returned checks for any payment during a twelve (12) month period, that customer may not pay any payment with a check for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of the last returned check.


For more information on our Water Services visit the Pickens County Government web site at: www.pickenscountyga.gov .

For more information on the current drought response rules and other conservation information please visit our office where materials on how to conserve water are available, or you may visit one of the available websites @ www.watersmart.comwww.dca.state.ga.us, or www.gaepd.org . .